Ballerinas are among the most popular types of shoes today, that even with the passage of time have never gone out of style. This type of shoe fits almost any kind of outfit. Ballerinas are quite comfortable as they are made of lightweight materials, which is preferred by most women.

Women can buy the ballerinas in different colors, designs and sizes, making them an indispensable shoe collection in every woman's wardrobe. These shoes can be combined with shorts, a blouse, and sunglasses to have a unique, bold outfit. They can easily be matched with a dress that is classified as beach casual with skirts or pants.

How to match ballerinas:

Ballerinas with animal prints - One should avoid combining this type of ballerina with outfits that are decorated with similar prints. Ballerinas that come in a light shade of beige or brown print can be combined with a sporty-type outfit and big bracelets.

Playful Ballerinas - This type of ballerina is very convenient and comes in a wide variety of colors. It's best to match the outfit in shades or colors that blend well, highlighting it in the process. Colored ballerinas can be combined with light colored dresses with romantic floral hints so it will always be casual-looking and comfortable.

Elegant Ballerinas - If one needs to attend an important event, but want to give up the heels, then she must choose the elegant ballerinas that would fit well with a skirt or jeans, or an assorted attire with a white shirt.

Ballerinas are very suitable for strolling on the beach, work, or shopping. The shoes that come in strong colors are able to bring out the whole outfit. If one would opt for ballerinas in pastel colors, then she can combine them with a fluffy dress or a pair of jeans.